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Colleges and Students

Colleges and Students

Teach your learners the art of airbrushing make-up delivered by Industry Professionals and a market-leading Airbrush product

All over the UK, we’ve been training qualified Make-up Artists, Beauticians, Students and people with a keen interest in make-up the latest techniques in airbrushing silicone based make-up.

To allow for flexibility we teach both a full and half-day introductory course in airbrushing make-up. We know that exceptional training is key to a flawless airbrushed make-up finish, which is why we work closely with you to support both you and your students needs.

Discounted Airbase Products:

All course attendees will receive the opportunity to buy the products at a discounted price at the end of the day, often with a unique discount code for each course.

Accredited by: Habia, VTCT & AIT

This course is Habia Approved


Bespoke kits available for your college's needs


Full-day Airbrushing Course*

Cost from: £37.50 per head

Much like the half-day course, the full-day course teaches the skills required to complete a stunning finish with an airbrush. The key difference to the full-day course is the additional time spent perfecting student skills in practical application with more time spent with airbrush in hand. 

Perfect for:

Media Make-up Students, Beauty Make-up Students. NVQ Level 2 and Continual Professional Development.

Half-day Airbrushing Course

Cost from: £25.00 per head

The half-day course teaches the skills required to complete a stunning finish with an airbrush, ideal for a bridal and occasion make-up including high-lighting, low-lighting, concealing and contouring.

Perfect for:

Enrichment, Skills and Industry Week, Adult Learners, Evening Classes and experienced Professional’s and Beauty Student’s who want to add airbrushing to their skill set.


Student Airbrush kits

We’ve put together 2 Airbase Make-Up kits with student use in mind.

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