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Back to work essentials - Let's GLOW!


Get set, because your clients will want you to make them feel fabulous again.

This is your reminder. If your airbrush has been packed up safely in your make-up kit, now is the time to take it out and put it through it's paces.

Top up your make-up kits, service your airbrush and ensure you have everything required to get back on track in summer 2021.

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Your airbrush is a piece of equipment with working parts and alike any other item of this nature may require a little TLC to ensure it is working tip top.

Don't leave this last minute. Struggling? Book it in for a service.

Discover Pro Kits

You're already ahead of the curve if you've mastered airbrushing makeup.

Airbrushing requires no contact with the skin, so you can build client confidence by reinforcing that your application technique is the most hygienic way available.

Hygiene tips for makeup artists

Maintaining good working practices can help prevent the spread of infectious diseases (like COVID). Be sure to 'brush-up' on your working practices.

Before application

Check product expiry dates, after such a long period of inactivity, make-up may have been open beyond the recommended dates.

Cleanse all brushes and sanitise all equipment, including tweezers, pencil sharpeners, airbrush gun.

Ensure to check client allergies.

Wash your hands. Sanitise them prior to start application. Encourage your client to do the same.

During application

Decant the product you need into a tray. This stops any cross contamination.

In the case of pencils, sharpen immediately after use or dip into alcohol.

Use disposable makeup applicators where possible.

Wear a face mask/shield.

Sanitise regularly throughout.

After application

Clean and sanitise all artist tools, including towels if you aren't used disposal gowns.

Clean down and disinfect all surfaces.

Sanitise your hands.

Take contactless payment, where possible.

Service your Airbrush

A comprehensive airbrush service to keep your Airbase Airbrush in tip-top condition and working at its very best ensuring you achieve our famous flawless finish every time.

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MUA safety and sanitising essentials

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