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Discover the unique combination of a stunningly designed silicone based make-up and smooth natural finish delivered by an airbrush. It’s what makes Airbase Make-Up the choice of professional artists UK wide and beyond.

It’s forgiving nature and unrivalled coverage makes Airbase Make-Up the perfect long lasting make-up for HD TV, film and stage, to bridal and occasion make-up.

Join the fast and flawless revolution.


  • Halloween Make-up Course with Airbase

    With Halloween now a serious industry in the UK (£300M last year), Airbase is tackling the devil head on and we think you are deserving of a slice of the action.

  • Upgrade from Traditional Ways of Foundation Application

    If you've used traditional methods of foundation application, such as a foundation brush or sponge it's safe to say that it is sometimes challenging to avoid those irritating imperfections.

  • 8 New Airbase Aqua Colours, Vibrant Body Paints for Creative Spirits!

    Autumn leaves, cooler temperatures, snuggly jumpers, Halloween and Airbase Aqua! Top of our wish list this month is the brand new colours launched at Olympia Beauty just in time for our Monster Makeover competition.

  • How to Boost Sales (and your Profits) with Airbase Make-Up

    Did you know that client retention goes up by up 30% every time you sell a client a retail product? Plus retail has a much higher profit margin to the salon than service sales do?

  • Top 5 Reasons to be a Bridal Airbrush Make-Up Artist

    Finally, make-up is being taken as a serious career with more talented individuals than ever before! Whether you want to be a TV and Film artist, major on photography or focus on bridal clients, there will be a niche for you.